Personalised & independent.

A unique fitting, build and buying service with industry leading experience at every stage.

Our service is unique because we are independent. We are not conflicted or restricted by an association with a limited range of stocked brands. We are your advocate. We start the buying experience by conducting a consultation to understand your needs, a full Retül bike fitting to establish your ideal geometry, and then use these inputs as the foundation to find the ideal bike for you.

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Your expert in the industry.

A desire for creating a customer experience which reflects their passion for cycling, Tom Petty and Alex Nazarewicz bring you Embassy. Each team member brings differentiated expertise to provide an end-to-end service to improve your riding experience.

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Our Rates



Detailed bike wash
Gear and brake alignment
Lubricate chain and cables
Recommended every 3 months


Basic service +
Full drivetrain degrease
Bottom bracket and headset
Recommended every 6 months


Pro service +
Bike strip and rebuild
New cables included
Recommended every 12 months
Frame Finder Service


Initial consultation and discussion
Comprehensive Retul bike fit to determine your ideal bike geometry
Bike recommendations tailored to your fit, purpose and budget
Sourcing of bike and final Retul fitting to new bike
Retul Bike Fitting


Pre-fit interview to discuss limiting factors and objectives
Measurement and assessment of current position
Comprehensive analysis and positional changes to your bike
Post-fit report and potential further recommendations
Second Bike Fitting


Professional postion replication using 3D measuring tool
Fine tuning of riding position using Retul fitting system
Recommendation of specific parts if needed
Post-fit copy of measurements

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