Our Services & Demos

A desire for creating a customer experience that reflected their passion for cycling; Tom Petty and Alexandre Nazarewicz bring you Embassy. Each staff member brings their own expertise to collectively improve your riding experience.

Frame Finder

Our Frame Finder service is a tailored bike buying experience around your ideal fit. As Australia’s first brand independent bike shop, we focus on assisting you find the right bike for your fit, budget and purpose. 

Bike Fitting

Whether you are searching for a new bike, or struggling with your existing one, a professional bike fit can be beneficial to all types of riders. Having an expert assess your position and equipment should be the starting point for your riding objectives.. 


The heart of the bike shop, our professional team of mechanics have industry leading experience to keep your bike running smoothly and ready for whatever training you want to put it through. 

Gravel Demos

At Embassy we believe gravel riding opens up a whole new world of adventure, roads less travelled and photos more unique. Trial one of our OPEN demo bikes to experience our shared passion.