Bike Fitting

Whether you are searching for a new bike, or struggling with your existing one, a professional bike fit can be beneficial to all types of riders. Having an expert assess your position and equipment should be the starting point for your riding objectives and will save you time and money in the long run. 

We can reduce the risk of injury and help prevent pains that are common in the knees, feet, hands and neck. Many riders unnecessarily put up with these aggravations, limited performance and even risk injury as they are not sure how to tackle the problem. Whilst the bicycle frame is a fixed component, there are many parts that can be easily adjusted to dramatically improve your riding experience.

Head Bike FitTER

Tom Petty

Tom combines extensive expertise with formal accreditation from Retül as a certified fit specialist and an advanced TT/Triathlon fitter. Despite the formal qualifications, he feels it is his combination of state-of-the-art technology and customer-centric approach, that achieves the best results.

Having worked in cycling since 2006, Tom first started a specialist bike fitting business in early 2012 known as Pave the Way. Outside of this, Tom has helped build, and continues to manage Oceania’s number one UCI Continental team - Team BridgeLane.

Tom has taken the team from domestic victories in the National Road Series to competing internationally, across Asia, Europe and the USA. The team gives riders a better platform for success which has already seen notable WorldTour graduates.

Originally from Brighton, England it was Tom’s Aunt and Uncle who were the first to ignite his passion for cycling, before moving to Australia in 2006.

Our Rates

Retul Bike Fitting


Pre-fit interview to discuss limiting factors and objectives
Measurement and assessment of current position
Comprehensive analysis and positional changes to your bike
Post-fit report and potential further recommendations
Second Bike Fitting


Professional postion replication using 3D measuring tool
Fine tuning of riding position using Retul fitting system
Recommendation of specific parts if needed
Post-fit copy of measurements
Additional Fitting Services


Custom Cycling footbeds — $225
Cleat and shoe fitting — $50
Saddle fitting — $100
Handlebar fitting — $100