Frame Finder Service

Our Custom Build service is a tailored bike buying experience around your ideal fit. As Australia’s first brand independent bike shop, we focus on assisting you find the right bike for your fit, budget and purpose. 
We also feel it should be a collaborative process, working together with our experience to help navigate geometry charts and componentry.

This is a three-step process where we start with a comprehensive consultation, which includes a preliminary bike fit to your existing bike or to our adjustable fit bike, followed by the recommendations, pricing and sourcing of the bike. Once arrived, we build your bike to your ideal fit, and include a final fitting session to ensure it rides perfectly. 

Each stage of the process is handled by specialists, your fitting and consultation is handled by head bike fitter, Tom, Naz coordinates the project and provides design and componentry advice and your bike is carefully built by Jordan to your measurements.

Frame Finder Service


Initial consultation and discussion
Comprehensive Retul bike fit to determine your ideal bike geometry
Bike recommendations tailored to your fit, purpose and budget
Sourcing of bike and final Retul fitting to new bike