The heart of the bike shop, our professional team of mechanics have industry leading experience to keep your bike running smoothly and ready for whatever training you want to put it through. We have created 3 levels of servicing to cover everything from your quick and regular check-up which is recommended every 3 months, to the ultimate which is to make sure everything is perfect and recommended yearly. 

Our team will always be happy to talk you through your bike in as much detail as you like. Our priority is to ensure your bike is safe and smooth to ride, and we encourage you to communicate if you have any follow-up questions afterwards. 

Having worked with some of the sport’s best athletes on the international level and building some of the best bikes in the world, we’re equipped with the finest Park Tools and Morgan Blue product to handle the most detailed builds or stubbornest of problems.



Detailed bike wash
Gear and brake alignment
Lubricate chain and cables
Recommended every 3 months


Basic service +
Full drivetrain degrease
Bottom bracket and headset
Recommended every 6 months


Pro service +
Bike strip and rebuild
New cables included
Recommended every 12 months